Maya Jacobs - Wallfisch - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist


As a therapist, my aim is to support you with the assistance, expertise and understanding that can enable you to make the changes in your life that you want.

My own decision to train and work as a psychotherapist evolved from a myriad of life experiences and challenges all of which have assisted me in my professional life.

Making the choice to seek help for whatever the reason is an important and courageous one, I hope whether here or elsewhere you will find the right support for yourself.



Professional Qualifications:Flowers2.1

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training with The Arbours Association
  • Regents College Diploma in Counselling Skills and theory
  • Clouds House Internship Leading to qualification as an Addictions Specialist
  • Certified Rational Emotive Therapist
  • Diploma in Working with Womens Issues with The Hazleden foundation
  • Qualified Group facilitator The Hazleden foundation
  • Pending In January 2013 E.M.D.R Training

Memberships and Associations

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