Psychotherapy Services Offered:


Individual Psychotherapy, both short-term and open-ended.

What Does Short-Term Psychotherapy mean?

Sometimes people feel the need to address a particular problem they may be facing in their lives and prefer to do so within an agreed amount of sessions.
Experience shows that this can provide an effective outcome for some people and I am happy to discuss if this is the best approach for you on an individual basis.

Open-Ended Psychotherapy:

As the term suggests, this means we do not have a finishing date in mind as we start to work together.
I often think of the process of therapy being rather like an archaeological adventure, a process of discovery and the best environment for this is a safe space for exploration with the right therapist.

Whichever approach best suits your needs, you will have a regular session time each week. Both ways of working are always open for review.

Family Work:

Sometimes for a variety of reasons, families can experience challenging circumstances.

Meeting together with the help of an objective empathic therapist can support the family in addressing the issues they may be facing.

In the safe space that I provide the possibility of real listening and change can occur.

Couples Work:

We live in a challenging world and not infrequently our most important relationships can be neglected. Often in therapy, problems that have seemed insurmountable or hopeless can be thought about in a new way.
Often the primary problem can be the loss and struggle of listening to one another. This may lead to a breakdown in communication.

In the therapy space, my primary goal is to enable the couple to 'hear' one another and thus to discover what their options and desires may be.